Dámské spodní prádlo a plavky značky JANE

About us

Our company produces and sells women’s underwear and swimwear of the brand JANE.
Brand JANE has been on the market since 1990.
During its existence it has found its way to the hearts of many women not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad (Europe, Saudi Arabia, Japan). Well-fitting cuts, high quality European materials and design make these products to be a highly desirable commodity.

Our products can be purchased in the contracting stores in the Czech Republic as well as in our on-line store.


In the past, we produced swimwear brands AQUILA AQUALINEA, which belonged to the top on the domestic market, thanks to its stylishness and youthful style and this collection was regularly dressed by the finalists of Miss – formerly Miss of the Czech Republic, later on Czech Miss.
We also cooperated with Italian designers on the new collections.

Photo – video gallery of Aquila swimsuits from Miss here.